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Pranic Healing Course


Pranic Healing offers a variety of courses ranging in a diverse range of topics such as healing, prosperity, to courses focused on spiritual development. Pranic Healing becomes a tool that can radically shift your life, as it has so many lives already.

Individuals with complex health conditions often benefit from exploring the Basic Pranic Healing course as it enhances their capacity to stimulate their recovery above and beyond the recovery speed of an individual benefiting from Pranic Healing sessions.

By taking the Basic Pranic Healing course you will have a stronger understanding of:

  • Your energy body and its' functions

  • Energetic hygiene

  • Karma and how to heal it

  • How to enhance your stamina and overall energy

  • Development of  your spiritual connection

Bursary for Pranic Healing


In order to help spread the teachings of Pranic Healing and support the quality of life for those in our community, a unique bursary has been created to reduce the financial strain of the initial course tuition. This bursary is offered to those who have enjoyed more than four sessions with one of our Holistic Support Specialists and amounts to a percentage of the cost of your session. 


How it works


  1. Client must have had four sessions with a Holistic Support Specialist

  2. A percentage from the payment of subsequent sessions is put aside

  3. A bursary of up to $150 may be offered

  4. Bursary valid with select Pranic Healing Instructors




Interested in experiencing Pranic Healing? Contact us to set up an appointment. Sessions are available by appointment. Appointments are roughly an hour long and $80.00 (for healers) or $100.00. 

Contact to set up an appointment today!


Interested in Taking the Course?

Interested in hearing more about Pranic Healing? Click an upcoming FREE Introduction into Pranic Healing or Basic Pranic Healing class today.


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