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Sound Healing

Ready to make a break through with your Energy?

Welcome to the Powerful World of Sound Healing!

Have you experienced the amazing impact of Crystal Singing Bowls before?

Break through barriers with the profound and healing effects of crystal singing bowls which infuse purifying, restorative, and expansive energy to the chakra centers of the body.


During group meditations, Aiydin creates space for you and will help bring awareness and healing intentions to individual chakras for the purpose of creating stillness, balance, and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. This form of sound meditation will assist you in cultivating a gentle state of mindfulness, love and gratitude in all areas of your life. 

Crystal singing bowls offer their unique vibrations that are attuned to the chakras of the body which correspond to specific physical, mental, and emotional states that help balance our physical and energetic fields. In ancient times,
sound was often used as a healing art, and through modern science
we are rediscovering the endless benefits of vibrational medicine through sound and its capacity to transform and expand our consciousness. 


  • Guided Meditation activating the Crown, Heart, and Basic Chakras to allow for powerful blessings and healing energy

  • Intention Setting and Blessing Ritual

  • Guided Journeying through the Chakras

Please bring an item you connect strongly to, yourself in comfortable clothes, and a water bottle.

These events are run by donation. All are welcome!



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