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About Denise

Denise is a compassionate healer, guide and fellow traveler on the amazing journey of life.  She is a unique individual with a very different outlook on life who understands first-hand the challenging juggling act many people perform on a daily basis.


She also knows that the last person most people will think to put first and look after is themselves.  Through her learning, sharing and healing, Denise encourages people to look after themselves and tend to their body, mind and spirit.


Denise embodies a unique blend of gifts, talents and skills flowing from her own life  journey, her years of personal growth, following her promptings, as well as from her much diversified background including past careers in; sales, office management, fundraising, event management, jet engine maintenance, home/life organizing, to her her current career as an instructor of trades and her solopreneurship combination of an Energy Healer and Sacred Gifts Guide... variety continues to be the spice of life!

She is passionate about the importance of family, living life consciously healthy, discovering inner wisdom through sharing stories, guiding others to discover their gifts, know their inner spirit and live their bliss in a world that is often far too serious and stressed.


Denise brings her own joy, deep sensitivity, unique outlook and authentic love of life to each individual she meets, guaranteeing a meaningful and memorable experience that most never forget.


Training with MCKS' Pranic Healing:

  • Healing Courses

    • Basic Pranic Healing

    • Advanced Pranic Healing

    • Pranic Psychotherapy

    • Pranic Crystal Healing/Layout Therapy

    • Psychic Self-Defence

    • Micro-Organism Healing

  • Spiritual Development Courses

    • Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

    • Spiritual Essence of Man

    • Arhatic Yoga

    • Superbrain Yoga

    • ArchAngels

    • Inner Buddhism

  • Prosperity Courses

    • Kriyashakti

    • Certified Associate Pranic Healer

    • Pranic Healing Instructor

  • Special Certification

    • Pranic Healing Instructor

    • Certified Associate Pranic Healer

Additional Training:

  • Succinct Medical Consulting – for Chiropractic Assistant

  • Fundraising & Event Management – non profit

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

  • Gas Turbine Engineer

  • BC Provincial Instructors Diploma

  • Instructor of Trades

  • Career Counselling

  • Sacred Gifts Guide

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