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Energetic Hygiene


One of Aiydin's most discussed concepts at events and workshops has to do with energy hygiene and cleansing and, wow, is it important!

Join Aiydin for an exploration on the concept of "energetic hygiene" where we will discuss and learn different techniques that can empower and support us in our day-to-day life.

At this event, you will...

  •  Learn a variety of simple, tool-free, methods to keep your energy field intact

  •  Delve into the concepts of auras and the energy body

  •  Gain hands-on experience practicing different cleansing and energy protection methods

  •  Develop supports to help keep your home and workspaces cleansed

  •  Explore traditional and contemporary energy clearing methods

  •  and more!

This by-donation event is open to all experience levels and is the perfect place to start your exploration into energy work.

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