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What’s your name and what is one quirky thing about you?


Hello my name is Aiydin and I absolutely LOVE B-Movies! The more outlandish the movie, the better.


How long have you been studying metaphysics?


I have been studying different concepts of spirituality since I was 9 years old! I was always really sensitive to energies and my intuitive side. I soon realized that all that energy was really overwhelming so when I was 9 years old, I started to try to understand the World of Spirit by studying different religions and world views.

What led you to Energy Healing? How did you find Pranic Healing?

When I first started to look at my spiritual side, I focused most of my time on developing my intuitive and “psychic” side. It wasn’t until I started studying the practice of Wicca that I realized the healing potential of energy!


I started to take in as much as I could when it came to different healing modalities. I studied all sorts of crazy things. If it said “healing”, I was in. It started with Wiccan Healing Invocations then fed into Reiki, Crystal Healing, Buddhist healing techniques, and well… everything. I can have a bit of an impulse issue with new passions.


At some point in my journey, my aunt started bugging me to take Basic Pranic Healing. Everytime she brought up it I immediately shut down. I felt my “cup of knowledge” was full. What a silly thought to have, eh? Eventually, my aunt sat me down, told me she had already paid for my spot and that I should “figure it out”. I walked into that course arrogant and oblivious only to walk out humbled and passionate about healing and spiritual growth in a way I never realized I could be.

"What a silly thought to have, eh?"


Interesting or memorable experience you have had as a Healer?


Wow. Okay this is hard to answer.


I absolutely love supporting people in their healing process, whether that be through Pranic Healing, an intuitive reading, or simply talking over a cup of tea. Every person I work with has their own unique process.


Recently, one of “my” clients shared how working through this process had radically changed their life. They were able to get out of bed again after being crippled with intense depression and were falling more and more in love with their life. I may have teared up a little bit…


"I may have cried a bit..."


Favorite quote or teaching of Master Choa Kok Sui?


Master Pranic Healer Nona Castro shares a story about a message she received from Master Choa Kok Sui; “trust in the teacher!”.


In 2017, I suffered a rather traumatic head injury that drastically impacted my ability to work, heal, or even meditate! At the beginning, I couldn’t even read a book without all the words floating around. I went from fiercely independent to having to rely on my loved ones and community for almost everything.


What got me through? “Trust in the Teacher”. I realized I had to let go of controlling the outcome and just let the Universe take over. As soon as I did, everything started to fall into place, I was able to ask for help from some talented Pranic Healers, and I was back on my feet in no time with so many new opportunities in front of me I would have easily overlooked.

What activities, hobbies or interests do you pursue in your spare time?


One of my many passions involves community building! I absolutely love bringing people together to connect, strengthen, and love each other.


I have been blessed to start presenting to different communities in BC (and soon across Canada) on how to create, nurture, and love your community. It’s been absolutely thrilling and makes my heart expand with joy every time I have the opportunity to share this important work.


In a few words, sum up your life philosophy: 


I feel a little unoriginal saying this but: Live, Laugh, Love!


Live in a way that is meaningful and aligns with your soul.


Embrace the moments that life offers and never skip over an opportunity for a good hard belly laugh (when was your last one?).

What was the last book you read to influence your work/way of thinking?


I like to read multiple books at once (comes back to that impulse control…).


Recently I have been rereading “Miracles Through Pranic Healing” (the Basic Pranic Healing textbook) by Master Choa Kok Sui. Everytime I read this amazing book, I find a new perspective, a hidden gem, or a technique that even after 6 years, I still overlooked.


The other book I have been absorbed into is “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a beautiful examination of moving beyond Fear in your Creative process.

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