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Sacred Gifts

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Are you ready to find your 

True North?

Discover Your Sacred Gifts: Guided Audio Program:


  • The biggest advantage of the audio program, delivered this way, is you can get started immediately…

  • Regain hope by recognizing you have gifts

  • See yourself, your work, your LIFE through a whole new perspective

  • Feel a shift start in reducing stress, confusion and indecision, to gaining confidence and a desire to live a life you love

  • Awaken your greatest potential

  • Find the support you’re lacking within a community of like-hearted people


3 Simple Actions Get You In Touch With Your Gifts & a Sense Of Purpose…

Step 1: Identify Your Gifts


Listen to the digital downloaded audio program and complete the unique gift inventory questionnaire.


The MP3 Audio Series contains:

  • An overview of what Sacred Gifts are and why you have them

  • Identify what makes you tick and what ticks you off

  • How to spot gifts in yourself and others and how they differ from your skills

  • A detailed description of each of the 24 gifts to help you identify which you have (powerful) and which you don’t have (freeing)

  • Easy to follow instructions on how to complete the Sacred Gifts Inventory

  • PLUS a powerful releasing process that will help awaken your gifts and remove blocks and negative programming that hold you back from your greatness

  • 6 hours of engaging life changing audio teachings divided into sections that maximize your learning when you work with a Certified Guide

  • A booklet on all 24 Sacred Gifts that you can download and print

Step 2: Work with a Trained Certified Guide…me!


Denise will help you review and interpret your personal sacred gifts inventory results and review all your worksheet results. With her help, you can identify which gifts you most likely have and which gifts you do not have. Together, we will explore where your gifts are, or are not, aligned with the work you are currently doing and together we will make sense of the information specific to your own current life situation.


Step 3: Activate Your Gifts with my support


Equipped with this knowledge and now understanding your gifts, it’s time to try them out. The program takes you through a process of setting up some experiments to identify some of your potential gifts to see how they feel. Further activate your gifts by listening to the recorded meditation included in the program. Meditation releases blocks that may be standing in your way of fully stepping into your greatness.

Don’t spend one more day wondering what your gifts are.

Get the first step Audio Series plus individualized coaching and support! 


Level 1: $35.00 (2 hour session)

Level 2: $150 (over 2 weeks) 

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