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MCKS' Super Brain Yoga


Super Brain Yoga is an ancient yogic exercise, re-introduced to the public after extensive research and validation by Master Choa Kok Sui which is designed to activate, energize and strengthen the brain cells. SuperBrain Yoga is a simple yet powerful technique that is used to fuel and sustain a healthy brain in order to enhance the capability of the brain to retain and process information.

Originally the great Rishis of India developed this technique to increase the intelligence of the public using the principle of ear acupuncture points. However, the proper technique on how to do Super Brain Yoga was distorted or lost in time. Therefore, according to MCKS, “to understand the principles behind the SuperBrain Yoga, it is important to explain new scientific concepts.”

Superbrain Yoga basically uses the knowledge of the chakras, energy channels, and the human aura to effectively activate the brain cells. The human aura is a sophisticated network of energy wiring. If the proper connection is made, the favourable result will be created. However, if the connection is improper, it might even create adverse effects.

In fact the brain is a “living battery,” thus to retain and maximize its learning capacities and its intelligence, it requires constant recharging. The fuel for the brain is provided by the lower chakras of the body, including the Basic and Sex chakras. When the energy from these lower chakras flows freely to the upper chakras and the brain, it charges and nourishes the brain cells.

In this way through regular recharging of the brain, one’s ability to remember, think, learn, perform, express and sense can be developed beyond comprehension. SuperBrain Yoga’s aim is basically to provide an effective technique to recharge the brain and optimize its functionality.

Benefits of Super Brain Yoga

  • Better Memory and Concentration.

  • Improved IQ, EQ and SQ.

  • Increased Creativity and Mental Clarity.

  • Increased Self-motivation.

  • Greater Psychological Stability and Peace.

  • Improved Social and Communication Skills.

  • Brighter Aura and Energy Centers.

  • Greater Ability to Regulate the Sex Drive.

Fee: $85 (materials & textbook included) | Repeat Students: $25

This workshop is a blend of lecture, practical application, and light movement. No yoga mats are required!

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