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Tarot Courses


Ready to take Destiny into your own hands?

Workshops with Tarot

Previously, I had tried to create the ultimate course for beginners to truly get a taste for all the wonder and amazement that Tarot cards hold within them. I realized, though, that by trying to create the ultimate course, I was placing each reader in a very standardized category, hoping that their experience and passion would "fit" just right.

In truth, we all read in our own style and, while Explorations into Tarot was fantastic, it didn't leave room for a new Tarot reader to develop and grow in a way that nurtured their soul. As a result of wanting you to develop in a way that speaks to your soul, Workshops with Tarot was born. 

These offerings are designed to have small class sizes, be comfortable, and be customizable to what your interests are regardless of your knowledge level.

While it is strongly recommended that you take part in a Beginners Workshop or two before tackling higher workshops, if you have previous experience in Tarot or have taken Explorations into Tarot (my original course), then dive right into the next step.

I have created a little booklet with overviews of the different workshops I am offering. As time moves forward, I am intending to broaden options and go deeper to provide meaningful content for professional readers.

These workshops are right for you if you...

  • Feel overwhelmed by the concepts, symbolism, and details of the tarot

  • Want to learn to trust and develop your intuition

  • Strive to develop your comfort and knowledge with Tarot

  • Are new Tarot or want to increase your capacity as a reader

  • Want to learn about concepts of energy in Divination

  • Are confused about contemporary versus traditional concepts of Tarot (and want to learn both)

  • And more! <-- Seriously check out the Workshop List

Lastly, I want to share that these workshops are by appointment so if you are feeling ready to explore a new aspect of Tarot or delve a little deeper than it is time to connect.

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